Members 2018-2019

Evie Jones

Musical Director - Soprano 1 & Vocal Percussion

Evie is a 2nd year Music and French student, and currently one of our musical directors. Having been in the group since her first year, Evie has loved watching the group grow, and having done so many arrangements for us, we're starting to think maybe she does an a cappella degree instead?

Catt Hurman

Group Manager & Performance Director - Soprano 2

Catt is in her 2nd year studying Mathematics and Computer Science. An all-round go getter with a background in musical theatre, Catt has received awards for Outstanding Choreography for two years running and has helped the group grow and improve massively during her time as Performance Director.

Emily Khatib

Musical Director - Vocal Percussion

Emily is in her 3rd year studying Music, specialising in classical vocal studies. She joined the group in her first year and has loved watching it grow from strength to strength. This is her second year as musical director of the group and she has particularly enjoyed her role as the group's Vocal Percussionist this year. When she's not beatboxing, Emily is also a harpist, performing frequently at weddings and events.

Alice Smethurst

Assistant Performance Director - Soprano 3

Alice is a 2nd year History student and is brand new to a cappella but has been singing and dancing since the womb. Alice has loved choreographing for Pitch Fight this year as Assistant Performance Director and was delighted to receive an award for Outstanding Choreography. She has been heavily involved with the creation of this year’s incredibly successful Edinburgh Fringe show and is thoroughly enjoying living out the real life Pitch Perfect.

Rosie Boyce

Business Manager - Soprano 2

Rosie is in her 2nd year studying History. This is her second year in Pitch Fight,and as Business Manager she has enjoyed taking us to gigs across Bristol this year. Our very own Christina Aguilera, her powerful belts make a lasting impression, even if her dancing might be questionable at times.

Sasha Eastabrook

Publicity Manager - Alto 1

Sasha is in her 2nd year studying Classical Studies. She is often found snapping pitcures of our members as our Publicity Manager. Sometimes we wonder how Sasha has time to learn her part as she can usually be spotted running from one rehearsal to the next - in fact, it has been seriously contemplated that she lives in the SU.

Ellie Clark

Group Rep - Bass

Ellie is in her 3rd year studying Mathematics. Resident scouser, Ellie is always the first to crack a joke. As group rep she is responsible for communicating between Pitch Fight and the larger society... but only if there's cake at the meetings. She has been blessing the group with her lady bass notes since her 2nd year and has even learnt throat bass,taking our arrangements to the next level.

Natalie Egan

Treasurer - Alto 1

Natalie is a 3rd year studying Politics and International Relations. She also joined the group in her first year and has been arriving at rehearsals with a flawless fashion sense ever since. When she's not singing with the group she also doubles up as the University of Bristol A Cappella Society President. #PurpleReign

Abi Towle

Soprano 1

Abi is a 2nd year French and German student, that being said, she can often be found residing in the music department as she is heavily involved with other student-led musical endeavours, such as directing a Czech opera this year! She is really looking forward to the exciting events lined up for Pitch Fight, and although she is sad to be leaving the group at the end of the year to take on her year abroad, she can't wait to be a part of a Cappella when she returns!

Charlotte Smith

Soprano 3

Charlotte is in her 3rd year studying Biology. While she may seem intimidating when dressed in her motorbike leathers, Charlotte spends most of her free time outside of a cappella watching David Attenborough documentaries and planning her wedding (September 2019!).

Becs Copus

Alto 1

Becs is in her 3rd year studying Veterinary Sciences and is, of course, a huge animal lover. Her love of music extends beyond singing as she also plays the violin. However, when she's not doing a cappella, Becs is part of the Expedition Society and can be found trekking across the UK, on top of mountains and climbing up cliff faces.

Barbora Horejsi

Alto 2

Barbora is our only 1st year and our only international student. And, yes, you guessed it, she studies Music. However, this is not her first degree, she previously studied special education in her home country, the Czech Republic. While she's not pursuing multiple degrees, her passion and love for music knows no bounds and she is regularly found dancing in fields at music festivals.

Antonia Fane

Alto 3/Bass

Antonia is a second year Liberal Arts and French student and is new to the group this year but has wanted to be in an a cappella group since she saw a cappella being performed at the Edinburgh Fringe when she was very young. Although she used to be a soprano, she has discovered a whole new lower range and began singing as a lady-bass for the first time this year. Antonia has always been surrounded by music, with one brother being an opera singer and another that manages musical artists (got to keep up with the family streak).

Phoebe Andrew

Alto 3/Bass

Phoebe is a 2nd year Engineering Design student and is hoping to make/start something that can "save" the world or at least do something positive. She has always loved singing in her spare time and is often accused of humming and doing a little dance in public - apparently not seen as a normal thing to do. She wanted to join pitch fight ever since she saw a performance of 'Retrograde' by James Blake. She likes bread. Like really can't get enough of the stuff.

Laura Odemwingie

Fringe 2019 - Soprano 2

Laura is a 2nd year Medical Biochemistry student from Italy. She has been taking singing lessons since she was 10 and even won local singing competitions, although her first time on stage was at a kids fashion show, I am a serious aficionado of Spanish series and Reggeaton music; from which she first learnt Spanish and is now fluent Only her closest friends have witnessed her sneeze in pitch, and there's only one thing she loves more than pasta, BEYONCÉ.

Molly Bachelor

Fringe 2019 - Soprano 3

Molly is a first year Music student who loves getting involved in as many musical activities as possible, she can be found wandering the music building. Being a part of Pitch Fight for Edinburgh Fringe was such an incredible experience and she is very excited to continue with Pitch Fight next year and has even started arranging music for us!

Laura Verrechia

Fringe 2019 - Alto 1

Laura has just finished her 2nd year studying Law and Spanish and is very excited to be spending her 3rd year studying Law in Madrid. Although she is brand new to a cappella, being part of Pitch Fight for the Fringe has been amazing! Laura can usually be found performing in musicals, with recent roles including Hunyak in Chicago and Courtney in American Psycho.

Ottie Clouston

Fringe 2019 - Alto 2

Ottie has completed her first year studying English and has enjoyed neglecting her degree in favour of musical theatre this year. She’s brand new to a cappella, but having just completed a fantastic fringe run with pitch fight she is excited to have been invited to stay with the group for her second year of ignoring her degree while prioritising performing arts.