Members 2019-2020

Rosie Boyce

Musical Director - Soprano 2

Rosie is in her final year studying history. This is her third year in Pitch Fight, and she is thrilled to be taking the lead this year as our Musical Director. Rosie has loved watching the group grow over the last two years, and is excited to put her own stamp on our musical style this year. Our very own Christina Aguilera, her powerful belts make a lasting impression, and her riffs are always on point.

Vikki Jessop

Assistant Musical Director - Soprano 3

Vikki is a 3rd year veterinary student and this is her first year doing a cappella. Her favourite animal is a duck, but as they don’t make good pets she has 2 cats instead. She can play both violin and piano and when she’s not travelling out to Langford or learning her parts she enjoys baking and skiing.

Alice Smethurst

Performance Director/ Publicity Manager - Soprano 3

Alice is in her 3rd year studying history, although most are under the impression that it's all a cover up and she is actually doing a degree in musical theatre and a cappella (they wouldn't be entirely wrong). When Alice isn't performing or rehearsing you can find her watching or listening to other people performing and rehearsing, crying about how much she loves dogs or just generally crying.

Georgia Hall

Assistant Performance Director - Soprano 1

Georgia is a 3rd year medic and has loved performing from a young age. She is really enjoying the new musical education and experiences a cappella has given her so far and is enthusiastic for the upcoming year. Currently spending a lot of her time on the wards, Pitch Fight is the perfect medicine after a long hard day!

Sasha Eastabrook

Group Manager - Alto 1

Sasha is in her 3rd year studying classical studies and manages the group. She splits her time between a cappella and musical theatre, and sometimes we wonder how Sasha has time to learn her part as she is often spotted running from one rehearsal to the next. In fact, it has been seriously contemplated that she actually lives in the SU.

Emily Khatib

Vocal Percussion

Emily is in her final year studying Music, specialising in operatic vocal performance. She loved her time as musical director of Pitch Fight for the past two years, and is enjoying her time as the group's vocal percussionist now that she has stepped down from the role. Now officially the longest-standing member of Pitch Fight ever, she has finally embraced her role as the grandma of the group and can't wait for the group to perform her arrangements this year!

Phoebe Morgan

Soprano 1

Phoebe is a 5th year medic, and hasn't stopped singing since she was forced to join her school choir by her music teacher when she was 16. Although having a classical background, Phoebe was desperate to try out something different and wanted to join Pitch Fight after watching them perform at CLIC two years ago - it was real life Pitch Perfect! This year she is the MD of CLIC, the medics' charity strip show. It's fair to say she spends most of her time singing and dancing, when she's not in hospital (or at the pub)!

Laura Odemwingie

Soprano 2

Laura is a 3rd year medical biochemistry student from Italy. She has been taking singing lessons since she was 10 and even won local singing competitions, although her first time on stage was at a kids fashion show, She is a serious aficionado of Spanish series and Reggeaton music; from which she first learnt Spanish and is now fluent Only her closest friends have witnessed her sneeze in pitch, and there's only one thing she loves more than pasta, BEYONCÉ.

Ffion Lewis

Alto 1

Ffion is a 3rd year law student and has enjoyed a cappella for many years before university, Ffion is very excited to finally be living out their Pitch Perfect fantasy. You can also catch them putting on events as the LGBT+ Network Chair or passed out from exhaustion at home.

Helen Taylor

Alto 1

Helen is a 1st year history student and has been singing since she discovered what a choir was but is new to a cappella and to Pitch Fight this year. She is very excited to be part of such an amazing group and is loving every minute of a cappella, having joined two other groups at Bristol!

Ottie Clouston

Alto 2

Ottie is a 2nd year English student who overextends herself for fun. She joined Pitch Fight for their fantastic 2019 fringe run, got attached and never left. When she’s not singing with the group, she can be found next door rehearsing for something else and generally neglecting her degree. She can’t wait to take on her first competition season but spending time with these girls, she feels like she’s already won.

Anna Thomas

Alto 2

Anna is currently in her 2nd year studying Veterinary Science and is a new addition to Pitch Fight. Having sung primarily chamber music at school, she has now swapped her evensong robes for the iconic Pitch Fight purple. In her free time, Anna can be found 'rapping' to Ed Sheeran and is waiting for the day that Pitch Fight decide to cover his songs so her true skills can finally come into use.

Aoife Beer

Alto 2

Aoife is in her 1st year studying theatre and performance. She has a love for performing whether it's singing, acting or combining the two in musical theatre. When she's not rehearsing, Aoife spends her spare time singing, acting and performing (she's open to suggestions for other hobbies).

Emily Thurston


Emily is in her 1st year studying politics and sociology. She has performed solo a few times while living in California and France but is excited to now be a part of such an amazing group and watch it grow to even greater heights. When she’s not asking her friends to sing so she can try to harmonise (usually in vain), she can be found playing Rachmaninoff or Debussy on the piano. Until auditions, she had no idea that her range extended so low.

Zara Jones


Zara is in her 3rd year studying maths and after coming to an a cappella concert last year decided that her dream was to be part of Pitch Fight. Her incredibly low range surprises even herself and she enjoys showing the boys in our brother group, Academy, that she can sing as low as some of them. When not singing, you will probably find her wild swimming in a pond, lake, river or the sea (yes even in winter).