Members 2020-2021


Emily Thurston

Musical Director - Bass

Emily is reaching the end of her second year studying Politics and Sociology. She has absolutely loved directing this year, watching the group grow very close despite being physically distanced, and continuing as a ladybass alongside her musical partner in crime, Zara. As well as singing and arranging, Emily enjoys playing the piano, swimming and analysing society (for her degree but also for musical inspiration).

Zara Jones

Assistant Musical Director - Bass

Zara has almost finished her master's in Mathematics and is super sad to be leaving when the year ends. She has loved working with Emily, and the rest of the superb committee and has found the confidence gained by our new members since being in the group particularly rewarding. Outside of studying and a cappella, Zara plays the bass, rollerskates and cares for 5 platy fish, a snail and, probably, too many plants. 

Georgia Hall

Performance Director - Soprano 1

Georgia is a 4th year intercalating medic. She can’t wait to take on more responsibility within the group this year with it being her second year as part of the performance directing team. She has enjoyed performing from a young age from singing to dancing to acting and loves that a cappella amalgamates all of these elements together! As well as being on the directing team for Pitch Fight, Georgia is the MD for the infamous medic dance/strip show CLICENDALES and so spends a lot of time dancing and choreographing too! Currently spending a lot of time writing essays, Pitch Fight is the perfect medicine after a long day!

Aashna Kaura Bali

Assistant Performance Director - Soprano 2

Aashna is a 2nd year medic and has been immensely grateful to find the most beautiful souls in a cappella who will actually join her in harmony to “Happy Birthday”. When not poring over anatomy or rehearsing (she has been a part of 4 different Bristol a cappella groups since starting university!), she can be found arranging music, dancing, or volunteering.


Anna Thomas

Co-Group Manager - Alto 2

Anna is currently in her 3rd year studying Veterinary Science. Having sung primarily chamber music at school, she has now swapped her evensong robes for the iconic Pitch Fight purple. Anna can be best described as a Golden Retriever, due to her chaotic energy and constant need to snack, and she was given an award for this at the Pitch Fight award ceremony last year. In her free time, Anna can be found 'rapping' to Ed Sheeran and is waiting for the day that Pitch Fight decide to cover his songs so her true skills can finally come into use.

Aoife Beer

Co-Group Manager - Alto 2 
& Vocal Percussion 

Aoife is a second year theatre and performance student and has been in the group for two years. Her grade 8 violin and her dads singing is what gave her a passion for performing and getting involved with both A Cappella and Musical Theatre society. Aoife’s two role models/ fashion icons are Lily James (specifically from Mamma Mia, Here we go again) and Cindy Lou Who, and her dream job would to become a clown (she is open to name suggestions). 

Helen Taylor

Business Manager - Alto 1

Helen is a 2nd year history student who joined Pitch Fight, along with two other Bristol a cappella groups, in her 1st year, and is now Pitch Fight’s business manager. As a child, her life revolved around Horrible Histories and singing in choirs: now that she spends most of her time doing either her degree or a cappella, she’s beginning to wonder whether she’s changed all that much (although she’s loving every minute of it). On the rare occasions she’s not doing either of those, she can usually be found getting involved with the Bristol University Operatic Society, browsing vinyl records, or watching Schitt’s Creek.

Laura Odemwingie

Publicity Manager - Soprano 2
& Vocal Percussion 

Laura is a final year medical biochemistry Masters student from Italy. She has been singing since she was 10 years old and even won local singing competitions, although her first time on stage was at a kids fashion show. She is a serious aficionado of Spanish series and Reggeaton music; from which she first learnt Spanish and is now fluent. She loves keeping up with her creative side and has recently picked up roller skating and learning how to play the ukulele. There’s only one thing she loves more than pasta, BEYONCÉ. After nearly 3 years, Laura will be saying farewell to Pitch Fight as she pursues her PhD in Neuroscience. 


Evie Jones

Soprano 1, Vocal Percussion 

Evie is a final year music and french student. After her long reign in the group dating back to the group’s third generation, Evie is a fully fledged soprano (and semi-fledged vocal percussionist) who’s loved directing, arranging for and performing in Pitch Fight over the years. As well as pursuing music within the university, Evie is also a volunteer and advocate for music-learning in schools!

Kendra McBride ​​

Soprano 1

Kendra is a first year Music and Spanish student. She is a singer, composer, actress and dancer, and has been performing her whole life. Most people don’t know that Kendra is also trained in salsa and bachata! Kendra’s ultimate dream is to finish writing her musical and have it produced on Broadway. Her musical role models are Bernadette Peters and Shakira, and her biggest fashion icon is JLo. She is a huge foodie, and will eat ANYTHING spicy.

Abi Towle ​​

Soprano 2

Abi is a 4th year French and German student and returned to Pitch Fight after her year abroad 2019-20 in France and Austria! In a "normal" uni year she can often be found residing in the music department or busying herself with random volunteering endeavours around Bristol. She has loved singing with the group again and getting to know some of the new faces in the society!

Alice Smethurst​​

Soprano 3

This is Alice's third year in Pitch Fight and she's taking a much more laid back approach as she is stepping down from her previous roles of Performance Director and Publicity Manager. Now it's all just unmuting herself on the zoom rehearsal to burp. As she hasn't been able to live in Bristol this year, it has been amazing to have that one time of the week to catch up with everyone and sing very out of sync warm ups. Alice can't imagine life without the group and will miss them very dearly (although she will probably find a way to 'drop in to say hi' at rehearsals).

Ffion Lewis

Alto 1

Ffion is a 3rd year law student and has enjoyed a cappella for many years before university. They're very excited to finally be living out their Pitch Perfect fantasy.

As always, they're super excited to be working alongside such talented ladies doing what they love.

Chloe Mae Cooke 

Alto 1

Chloe is a first year medical student, with a love for cats! She often thinks that maybe she should have been a vet?! She has sang from a young age attending a Performing Arts School in Miami, performing in many choirs and also started on stage from the age of 4 as the cute kid in dance shows! Her dancing skills haven’t gotten any better but her love for all things music is still there. With a passion for travel, Chloe is most happy at an airport waiting to fly to the next destination.

Hannah Smith

Alto 2

Hannah is in her 2nd year of Veterinary Science and is new to pitch fight this year. She has enjoyed singing and playing piano from a very young age and has recently become obsessed with the cappella family at Bristol. Outside of studying anatomy and animal disease, she enjoys skiing (which is convenient since her family lives in Canada), reading and having chill days with her beloved chocolate Labrador Dylan! She is very excited for the future years to come in this amazingly talented group!