Molly Sankey

Soprano 3

Rebecca Young

Soprano 3

Yasmin Chadwick

Alto 2

Emily Thurston

Co-Musical Director - Bass

Emily is in her third and final year studying Politics and Sociology. Having been in the group for 3 generations now, she has found so much joy in watching it grow and adopt a fresh new vibe each year! She is absolutely loving directing with her amazing co, Vikki, and returning to in person rehearsals, performances and socials following a year of doing it all virtually. As well as singing and arranging, Emily enjoys playing the piano, swimming and having deep conversations about society (for her degree, but also for musical inspiration!)

Victoria Jessop

Co-Musical Director - Soprano 2

This is Vikki's second year in Pitch Fight, having first been part of the group in 2019-20. Vikki is in her fourth year studying Veterinary Medicine and after being AMD previously, is very happy to be back and leading the group with Emily as Co-MD. She's so excited for our upcoming performances and to see what the rest of the year will bring, especially Edinburgh Fringe! When not commuting from Langford, Vikki can be found living the countryside life of baking, going for bike rides or walks with friends and binge watching The Office (US obviously!).

Ffion Lewis

Assistant Musical Director - Alto 1

Ffion is a 3rd year law student and has enjoyed a cappella for many years before university. They're very excited to finally be living out their Pitch Perfect fantasy.

As always, they're super excited to be working alongside such talented ladies doing what they love.

Aashna Kaura Bali

Performance Director - Soprano 1

Aashna is a 3rd year medic who is absolutely loving being able to see, sing with, and hug all her Pitches in person. When she’s eventually dragged off the wards, she can be found drawing formation diagrams, arranging, watching Gilmore Girls, and going on long walks in the fresh air.

India Bonnor-Moris

Assistant Performance Director - Alto 1

India is a 1st year Law student, who has a love for all things music related. She is also a keen dancer, and has found a perfect blend of her two passions in the role of Assistant Performance Director (following Aashna's lead!). As a fresher, Pitch Fight has provided that all important supportive family that everyone needs when starting university. Despite her very busy degree, she manages to find time for both A Cappella and Dance (and occasionally Cheese Society), so you will most likely find her in the Student's Union! When she finds the time, India is determined to arrange a rap song for Pitch Fight, so watch this space...

Hannah Smith

Co-Group Manager - Alto 2 

Hannah is in her 3rd year of veterinary medicine and is so happy to be back to a normal year with her favourite pitches. Outside of travelling too and from Langford (and her home in Canada) she loves spending time outside and with her friends exploring the vibrant life of Bristol! You can almost always find her listening to a massive range of music (mostly A Cappella and musicals to be honest) and true crime podcasts, as well as binging every medical drama you can think of on Netflix!

Chloe Mae Cooke

Co-Group Manager - Soprano 2

Chloe is in her second year of Medicine and Pitch Fight! Now, she cannot imagine a life without A Cappella - whatever did she do before it??! She has found some of her closest friends within the society as well as a family within Pitch Fight. When she is not singing or studying (hardly ever) she enjoys traveling. She hopes to combine some of those and get Pitch Fight on TOUR?!? - aka Ibiza where we sing on the beach;)

Helen Taylor

Business Manager - Alto 1

Helen is a third year history student and our returning business manager. She first joined Pitch Fight, as well as two other Bristol a cappella groups, in her first year, so a cappella had really defined her university experience - she wouldn’t change that for the world! Her favourite things about Pitch Fight are getting to sing with such a wonderful group of people and shamelessly plugging our releases (check out our Spotify!).

Aaliyah Butt

Publicity Manager - Bass

Aaliyah is a 1st year history student who describes discovering a cappella as a happy accident! She has loved bringing new types of social media coverage to the group's audience, particularly gaining traction on Tiktok and Instagram Reels. Aaliyah is no stranger to an a cappella night out, with her attending the society's weekly socials religiously in between her presidential JCR duties and the odd netball match!

Morwenna Hartwell-Evans

Vocal Percussion

After completing her physics degree, it did not take Morwenna long to fall back into a cappella, forgoing singing bass to take up vocal percussion - making strange noises and keeping time - for Pitch Fight! Elsewhere, Morwenna plays a variety other instruments for when beatboxing just isn't enough, and tries to get on a stage whenever possible. Whether this is because of her deep love of performing or a desperate need for attention is unknown.

Andrea Faith-Chong

Soprano 1

Andrea is a second year Theatre and English student who is so happy to be doing what she loves -- competitive group singing -- and wishes she found Pitch Fight in her first year! To make up for lost time you can find her at pretty much every social hosted by the A Cappella Society, either screlting upper harmonies or talking someone's ear off about her obsessions (currently won't shut up about Barbra Streisand but tune in next year because it changes annually)

Haziqah Ilina Shahari

Soprano 1


Haziqah is in her 2nd year studying Mechanical Engineering. Having joined local & school choirs in the past, she was so excited to join an a cappella group, she’s even joined 2! Outside of music, she can usually be found in organising events for the Malaysian student community or watching Modern Family. She’s looking forward to spending more time with one of the most wholesome bunch of people!

Molly is a 2nd year French and Spanish student in her first year of Pitch Fight. She got involved with lots of musical theatre and choir at school and after a couple years off singing is loving being back into it. She has great fun as part soprano part alto never remembering which one she is meant to be. She loves all the people in the group and society and can’t wait for the rest of the year.

Rebecca is a first year medical student from Cardiff. She has been singing for YEARS, describing herself as a theatre kid at heart. She has been in many musicals, playing the ginger version of Elle Woods in Sixth Form! She could not wait to start a cappella at uni, as it was the perfect blend of music and performance. She could not be prouder of the girls that I’ve gotten to meet and can confidently call herself a gym girl thanks to the choreo! She is looking forward to delving into arranging a little more this year and performing on bigger stages with the girls!

Yasmin is a 2nd Year Film and TV student who joined Pitch Fight this year. She has loved her time at uni so far, as it has been made so special by the amazing group of people she does a cappella with. She has always loved singing, participating in theatre productions at stage school, singing in pubs, and having an unhealthy obsession for all things high school musical. She feels incredibly lucky to be able to continue it in her university life! When she is not performing, she loves to make films, travel and EAT YUMMY FOOD. She cannot wait to see what the rest of the pitch fight journey has to offer!

Current Members 2021-2022