Members 2017-2018


Emily Khatib

Musical Director - Soprano 1

Emily is a 2nd year studying Music. She joined the group last year and has loved seeing it grow from strength to strength. As MD for this year, Emily eats, sleeps and breathes music, and is always sure to share her unlimited knowledge of vocal exercises and technique with the group.

Rhianna Roberts

Group Manager & Group Rep - Alto 1

Rhi is in her 3rd year studying Chemistry. Rhi is a great asset to the group, bringing that sass to the stage in every performance. She joined the group last year and has been delighted to see Pitch Fight flourish in 2017-18 as our Manager.

Connie Richards

Assistant Musical Director - Vocal Percussion

Connie is in her 3rd year studying Film. She is an OG member of the group having joined it when it was first created in 2015. With a range to rival Beyonce’s, Connie originally joined as a lady bass yet has been known to substitute as a top sop if needed. She is now the resident vocal percussionist of the group.

Olivia Witts

Business & Publicity Manager - Alto 2

Liv is in her 3rd year studying English. Publicity Rep of 2017-2018, Liv is known to entertain both Pitch Fight and their social media followers with her unrelenting puns. She joined the group in it's 2nd year as an alto 1 but her "bass face" was so impressive we had to make the most of it this year.


Catt Hurman

Performance Director - Soprano 1

Catt is in her 1st year studying Mathematics and Computer Science. She is new to the group this year, but has already taken on the responsibility of Performance Director, winning the award for "Outstanding Choreography" at the ICCA quarterfinal this year; not bad for a newbie, eh?

Natalie Egan

Alto 1

Natalie is a 2nd year studying Politics and International Relations. She joined the group in her first year and has been arriving at rehearsals with a flawless fashion sense ever since. When she's not singing with the group she also doubles up as the University of Bristol A Cappella Society President. #PurpleReign

Evie Jones

Soprano 1

Evie is a 1st year studying Music and French. This comes in handy (not the French, the music) as she has provided us with some cracking arrangements throughout the year. Our  human pitch pipe having been blessed with perfect pitch, Evie never fails to impress the group.

Martha Vickers

Alto 2

Martha is currently intercalating in her 4th year of Medicine, and therefore often doubles up as the group doctor, providing comfort to group members who have just made the bad decision to google their symptoms. Martha only joined the group this year but has made a lasting impression, soloing our favourite feminist ballad, "Quiet".


Charlie Huffman

Alto 1

Charlie is a 4th year studying Spanish and Portuguese. She joined the group when it was first founded in 2015, and we are SO glad that after her year abroad last year she decided to come back to join the group. Huff is without a doubt the mother of the group, always making sure that everyone is happy and cared for.

Ayanna Christie-Brown

Soprano 2

Ayanna is in her 1st year studying Law with Spanish. She won "Outstanding Soloist" 3 times this year at both the ICCAs and VFUK for her interpretation of "Nobody's Perfect" by Jessie J. Ayanna is never afraid to belt out those top notes and is known to riff her way through the warm ups.

Ellie Clark

Alto 2

Ellie is in her 2nd year studying Mathematics. Resident scouser, Ellie is always the first to crack a joke. She was a member of the a cappella society last year, but her lady bass notes are new to Pitch Fight this year. We couldn’t be happier to have her in the group.

Rosie Boyce

Soprano 2

Rosie is in her 1st year studying History. She originally joined Bristol University in 2015 before deciding to switch courses, but was not a member of Pitch Fight until this year. Her powerful belts make a lasting impression, and we couldn’t be happier that she decided to join the group.


Charlotte Smith

Alto 1

Charlotte is in her 2nd year studying Biology. While she may seem intimidating when dressed in her motorbike leathers, Charlotte spends most of her free time outside of a cappella watching David Attenborough documentaries. 

Sasha Eastabrook

Soprano 2

Sasha is in her 1st year studying Classical Studies. She is often found snapping members of the group around campus. Sometimes we wonder how Sasha has time to learn her part as she can usually be spotted running from one rehearsal to the next - in fact, it has been seriously contemplated that she lives in the SU.